Logo Design and Web Design

and much, much more

  • Welcome to Logoworks! We’re an online graphic design agency that specializes in logo design, website design, and business branding.  Our entire mission is to make your business look great. That means giving you custom design that’s affordable, fast, and hassle-free.

  • We specialize in logo design and web design

  • We’ve taken what was once a very complex process and greatly simplified it through technology

  • The design process used to mean endless meetings, pointless conference calls, tons of emails, and dozens of versions (“Everybody, please make sure you’re looking at the version that’s in the email sent on Thursday at 5:02 PM.”)  At Logoworks, we’ve built technology that simultaneously addresses project management and design collaboration, and what takes months and thousands of dollars at other agencies just three days and a fraction of the cost at Logoworks.

At Logoworks, we can help you with Logo Design, Web Design, Business Cards, Postcards and Mailers, and much, much more.


Some of our happy clients

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Can design be ethical?

  • We think so. Some of our competitors promote design contests where only the winning designer gets paid. In the design industry, this is called “spec work” and we’re not OK with spec work.  We believe that asking designers to do work for the mere hope of receiving compensation is not only an unsustainable business model, but it’s also highly unethical.

  • Lori Wemple, one of our Logoworks Designers

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  • At Logoworks, we pay each designer a fair wage, regardless of whether their design is chosen.

  • In return, we trust that our designers consistently produce high-quality designs that our clients will adore. 17 years and 50,000+ happy customers later, we are proud of our ethical business model, and we wouldn’t even think of doing it any other way.

  • Carlos Gaxiola, one of our Logoworks Designers


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